Esquina Tango and Veracruz All Natural present
“Brazilian Night”

7:30pm Mini Samba class with MeliSamba
8:00pm Live music with Seu Jacinto + Samba Show
Food available till 10pm / Event is BYOB
All welcome at Veracruz All Natural East, 2505 Webberville Rd

Get your tickets below: $15 per person / $50 for a group of 4 persons

About the Seu Jacinto: Seu Jacinto is the original Forró band from Texas. Based in Austin, Texas, Seu Jacinto is a music group interested in introducing and developing traditional Northeastern Brazilian culture to Central Texas. Their work as a grassroots collective has been focused on the traditional regional music forms of Northeastern Brazil, more specifically the state of Pernambuco and surrounding areas. The opportunity to share aspects of Brazilian culture that are generally overshadowed is a wonderful means for them to share their passion with the public, establish a community and add yet more flavor to our funky city. Their involvement with Brazilian folklore offers an exploration into its history, which led them to understand this colorful and diverse country. Seu Jacinto has a very danceable show, with multiple singers, percussionists, and a lineup that vary from 6 to 8 musicians. They have been playing together for over a decade on all types of venues around the state of Texas. A Seu Jacinto show is a guarantee of a fun night!

About MeliSamba: MeliSamba is a group of professional Samba dancers in Austin, Texas. This group was founded by Melissa Corpus in 2016. She is a professional Dancer, Teacher, and Choreographer in Austin, Texas. Since 2010, she has been teaching samba no pe focusing on footwork, technique, and the joy of the Brazilian spirit. Melissa has worked with Austin Samba, the largest samba school in the United States, as a choreographer, director, and principal dancer. She has traveled to Brazil and throughout the United States to study with Patrick Carvalho, Ana Laidley, Rosangela Silvestre, and Pedro Rosa. In 2014, she paraded in Rio de Janeiro with the legendary samba school, Mangueira.