Esquina Tango & MeliSamba are proud to present

Samba Excellence with Gato de Salto

September 24th – 27th

This will be a weekend to remember so register now and come Samba with us! See details below.



Saturday, September 24th | FESTA BRASIL

8:00pm-11:30pm Live Music & Performances
Doors 8:00pm
8:30pm-9:00pm | Mini-Samba lesson with Gato de Salto
9pm-10:30pm | DJ + Live Performances with Gato de Salto + MeliSamba
10:30pm-11:30pm | Live Pagode Music with “SambAustin”
For full information about Saturday’s event and to get tickets follow this link!

Sunday, September 25th | Samba Workshops

11:00am – 12:30pm | Workshop #1 | Technique Samba no Pe |
Learn 4 different “basic step” techniques that will bring variety to the way you dance. Understand their difference and explore Samba no Pé from a new perspective. This class is aimed to anyone who would like to feel more secure when dancing the basic Samba step. 

2:00 pm- 3:30pm | Workshop #2 | Passista Style Improvisation | Intermediate Levels
This class will explore different strategies to performing improvisation in Samba, as done by Passistas in Rio de Janeiro. Understand musical signals to prompt your choice of steps when improvising. Learn short and efficient combos, as well as transition steps to come in and out of Samba no Pé.

Monday, September 26th | Samba Workshop

6:30pm – 8:00pm | Workshop #3 | Samba Choreography/Musicality | All Levels
This is a choreography course that has musicality at its core. Learn a typical “Gato de Salto” style choreo danced to the Bateria breaks of a Samba Enredo song. Mix your knowledge of Samba no Pé technique, transition steps, traditional steps, afro and much more. Learn about the cultural aspect of the chosen musical piece and dance your heart out.

Tuesday, September 27th | Private Lessons



$25.50 per workshop
All three workshops for $76 for the weekend.
Early bird rate: $10 off when purchasing all three workshops by September 5th

Registration note:  When going to sign up page, click on “Enroll Now”. In the next page will make the workshop selection. You can choose either  1, 2 or all three classes. Saturday night to be purchased separately. Happy dancing!

About Gato:  Gato de Salto (Felipe) is a Brazilian Samba performer, choreographer and instructor based in Vienna, Austria.

Originally from São Paulo, Brazil, Gato has achieved international success by teaching his distinctive style and interpretation of Samba. He combines a mastery of elegance, femininity, high heels skills, and traditional samba technique.

Growing up a victim of homophobia and bullying, Gato chose to express his creativity through dance. He started his professional Samba career in 2016, after a dark period of depression, homesickness, and difficulty adapting to the European ways. Through samba, he was able to reconnect with his roots and flourish. Today, he is a “passista diversidade” and an LGBTQIA+ advocate and fights to open doors to diversity within the carnival world.

“Samba saved me and helped me love and accept myself the way I am. It gave me strength to step out of my comfort zone and live.”      

Gato has danced for several years for Salgueiro and Tuiuti, both samba schools of the Professional Liga (Grupo Especial) of Rio’s Carnival.

He mastered the high heels in order to teach his students how to become more feminine and sensual, without being vulgar. He teaches Samba as a lifestyle: a fun way of staying fit or getting in shape, that boosts your confidence through performances and unleashes your inner Goddess!

Felipe holds a title of Bachelor of Arts in “Transcultural Communication” and also works as a Conference Interpreter. Languages, travelling and other cultures are further passions. This combination of skills has resulted in international success and Gato has taught workshops in over 20 countries, performed in several festivals and touched the hearts of thousands of people.

For Gato de Salto website click here