Esquina Tango & Melisamba present

Special Samba Workshops

with international instructor

Emilce Parga

Friday, August 16th –  6:30pm – 8:00pm
Samba no pe technique and choreography – All levels
Samba no pe fundamentals for fluid and efficient movement. Dance to a captivating routine that will leave you energized and inspired. Perfect for all skill levels!
Saturday, August 17th – 4:00pm – 6:00pm
Passista Special – Intermediate Levels
High-speed Samba no pé. Repertoire appropriate for speed. Resistencia and explosive movement. Resources for singing and dancing to “samba enredo” simultaneously. Viradas (tempo switches) in the beat. How to dance a paradinha (break). How to use the space in group presentations. Forward movement during the desfile (parade).
Sunday, August 18th – 12:00pm – 200pm
Improvisation, Exhibition, The Stage – All Levels
Recommendations on choosing steps+coherent sequences+clean transitions. Utilizing space and levels. Musicality of the body and the Universos Musicales (rhythmic universes). How to magnetize the audience: Stage presence, the power of the gaze, poses and postures that captivate. Tools- Stimuli and responses for improvisation. 

Price per class: $40 (General) / $35 (Esquina Member)
Package: $100 for all three workshops
Early-Bird- $95 (until August 9th)
Sign up in advance or at the door!
Location: Esquina Tango, 209 Pedernales St. Austin TX 78702

For private lessons contact Melisamba directly
About Emilce:

Emilce Parga is not just a dancer; she is a force of nature in the world of Samba. As an official Passista for the prestigious Samba School GRES Paraíso do Tuiuti, Emilce has captivated audiences with her electrifying performances and unparalleled skill. She proudly served on the teaching staff of the renowned “Brasil Samba Congress” in 2023, sharing her expertise with aspiring dancers.

Emilce’s accolades speak volumes: she clinched First Place Female Passista at the 2020 “Brasil Samba Congress” during the “Brasil Samba Open,” and was a nominee for Best Female Passista of the Grupo Especial Samba Schools in 2023, an honor bestowed by the Passistas Samba no Pé group.

With three international tours under her belt, Emilce has made it her mission to spread the joy and artistry of Samba no Pé across the globe. As a Consciousness Facilitator, she enriches the lives of others, combining the rhythmic beauty of Samba with a deeper, mindful connection to the dance. Emilce Parga is truly a luminary in the world of Samba, inspiring countless individuals through her passion, talent, and dedication.