What is Amplify Austin Day?

The biggest giving event in Central Texas! Amplify Austin Day is Austin’s annual day of giving. The 24-hour generosity even provides an easy and fun way for our entire community to give together, building transformative collective impact for more than 700 local nonprofits. Together, local individuals, families, and businesses raised $12.3 Million for 760 Central Texas nonprofits in 2020. Over the past eight years, Amplify Austin Day has raised $69 Million in critical unrestricted funds for our nonprofit sector.

Why  Support Esquina Tango?

There is no doubt of the positive impact that this little corner has in this ever-growing city. Study after study confirms that dance, music, and social interaction create physical, mental and emotional well-being. This is what Esquina Tango has been doing for 17 years and there is no stopping us now. We know that when you dance you are happier, healthier, and more connected to others. So we provide a full weekly schedule of group dance, language and exercise classes for all ages and backgrounds along with events and live music.

Now more than ever Esquina is working hard to create a diverse, inclusive, and safe environment where everyone is accepted and celebrated! Your support will enable Esquina Tango to remain vibrant in the Austin cultural and community landscape with affordable (and sometimes free) classes and events.

It is our purpose to continue providing accessible, affordable, unique cultural arts immersion and learning experiences and to continuously reach underrepresented communities! Help us stay relevant, and help us continue offering our class and event with professional and diverse instructors and artists.


I tried a class in November 2022 and I’ve been hooked since then. The community here is fantastic. Instructors and students are very friendly, outgoing, personable, and most importantly, inclusive. There is always a friendly smile and words of encouragement. Carlos Menchaca, January 2023

These are the best instructors in town. As a long-time dancer, first time kizomba class taker, I can tell you they are teaching you to dance, not just teaching you “moves.” This approach will set you up to succeed with any partner, any song, any venue. And there is a community feel at Esquina I have not found at any other studio in town. Get you some old-Austin culture; support Esquina Tango. Sway Youngston, January  2023

I love that there is no partner needed and I can try different classes without needing to find a dance partner. They are always welcoming and the classes are very beginner friendly. Esquina is a community, not just a dance class and that’s why I keep going back. Kristin Z, January 2023

Fabulous non-profit community dance service. Esquina invites talented local instructors, bands (and sometimes internationally known instructors) to give weekly classes and dance socials in a range of styles. They continue to offer a variety of excellent social events; highly recommended. Duane Voth, October 2022