Dance Therapy for the Parkinson’s Community

The American Dance Therapy Association defines dance therapy as “the psychotherapeutic use of movement to promote emotional, social, cognitive and physical integration of the individual”.   

There has been numerous research regarding dance having a higher therapeutic level over any other type of physical therapy for Parkinson’s patients.  Dance has shown to improve balance, mood and quality of life thus also improving mental wellness.  Research also shows that walking to a specific beat can lead to improving walking gate and speed, Tango lends itself to support these benefits.  

This is a very special program for those who have been involved because of the way it touches lives, opens social doors to fight isolation, improves balance and confidence in walking and more importantly it gets people moving and it’s fun.

Since 2018 we have partnered with Power for Parkinsons to create free workshops open to the public. Those classes have been majorly gratifying for the students, instructors, and volunteers.  Some of those participants end up being regular students at Esquina Tango, hence having a major and positive impact on health, mobility and life span!

Seniors take tango classes to help with Parkinson’s

Research shows people with Parkinson’s who dance have improved balance, mobility, and muscle tone.

AUSTIN, Texas — Over the last six weeks, 16 students took tango lessons from instructors and volunteers with Esquina Tango Austin at Balance Dance Studios in South Austin. Carol Garrett is one of them. With a feather in her hair and sequins on her outfit, she and some of her classmates got all dolled up for the final class on Tuesday. Read more..