Summer classes coming up soon! Stay tuned!

Registration instructions: In order to sign up your child, you must add them as a family member in your Wellness Living account. First, make sure you have a Wellness Living account as the parent under your email. Then, add a family member (your child) in the profile. Switch profiles and then you can enroll them.

If you have difficulties enrolling your child, please email us at to help register.

Here are screenshots to help with the registration:

Step 1: Log into your Wellness profile and on “My Profile,” under “Overview” add a family member.

Step 2: Fill in the info for your child. You can opt for the same email address and mailing address for your child’s profile.

Step 3: After it’s been created, go to the profile icon on the right, and switch to your child’s profile.

Step 4: Then, book the class like normal! Find the date of the class you want to enroll your child in. Done! 🙂