August 9, 2019 @ 7:00 pm – 9:30 pm
Esquina Tango
209 Pedernales st
TX 78702


Join us for a special concert by “Los Ignotos”

Click here to check out their music and bring your dance shoes..just in case!

Los Ignotos, in its embryonic form, started in Miramar, Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 2016, as an informal collaboration between guitarist Juan Cruz Martinez Mesa and singer-songwriter multi-instrumentalist Bilo Cerezo. The band was completed when drummer Eduardo Altamonte, who played with Bilo in the now legendary and defunct cult band Marca ACME, joined in 2017.

The band plays an eclectic mix of Argentinean music: from copleras and milongas to Nuevo Tango and Rock Argento, from Piazzolla and Tejada Gómez to Spinnetta and Cerati, adding to the list their own set of original pieces.

Los Ignotos combine traditional acoustic, electric and electronic instruments with computer based performance techniques and a DIY experimental attitude, expanding the horizon of musical possibilities, resulting in a renewed experience of the traditional and modern Argentinian musical repertoire.

Their audience can be found in local book stores, small coffee houses, home concerts, libraries and cultural centers. Their excuse to exist is to know people and places, explore the limitless expressive possibilities of music, to share the timeless and universal sounds of their own people and place, being, forever and wherever they go, the ignotos, the unknown.

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