Given that Austin’s Covid19 status has returned to stage 4, Esquina must respond to protect our patrons and serve our community. Effective immediately 7/23/21 all Esquina staff, instructors, volunteers, students, and visitors will be REQUIRED TO WEAR MASKS at all Esquina Tango INDOOR classes & events.
The only exception to mask-wearing will be if a person chooses to present documentation of their fully vaccinated status. In that case, mask-wearing will be optional.
A screenshot of the card will be acceptable. A private note will be kept in Wellness so there won’t be a need to show proof each time entering Esquina.

Masks are still optional in OUTDOOR EVENTS.

In the case of events are other locations (such as Veracruz and Halcyon Mueller), Esquina will follow the applicable business guidelines.

Do note that All Esquina staff and instructors are currently FULLY VACCINATED!